Murano glass clown lamp

Salvaged and repaired by us this colourful Murano glass lamp has been rewired, a new brass SES lamp holder and an inline switch fitted. The glass post was broken in half, a metal insert was slotted inside the post below and above the break, this should give added strength around the break. The glass globe shade is not the original. This Murano lamp is a rarity therefore we thought it worthwhile making the effort to restore. Late 1950's early 60's. This lamp will be PAT tested with certification prior to shipping.

Murano Glass Clown Lamp
Murano Lamp - Damaged Post
Murano Clown Lamp with Glass Globe Top
Rear View Murano Clown Lamp
Murano Glass Clown Lamp Late 50's early 60's
Murano Clown

Large View

Height Including Globe: 16 inches (400mm)

Height of Clown: 8.5 inches (210mm)

Globe Diameter: 5.5 inches (140mm)

£175.00 Plus P&P -Enquire



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